Past "Staff" Members

We adopted Louise from Looziana Basset Rescue after her last owner no longer wanted her, after being contacted that she'd been picked up as a stray.Their loss is our big gain, because she's just as sweet as she is beautiful


We adopted Sherman from Looziana Basset Rescue. He was pulled from a shelter in Jefferson Parish, LA. He's a happy go lucky guy and we're very lucky to have him as a member of our family. Did I mention how extremely handsome he is too?  :)

Angel Louise
Assistant Designer, overlooking operations from her Cloud at Rainbow Bridge, since 2/22/18.

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Howlin' Hounds

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Meet the "Staff"

Howlin' Hounds is owned and operated 
by Debbie Berthelot of Lafayette, LA, with 
a lot of assistance and inspiration from 
her Basset Hounds, Louise & Sherman.

We hope that you enjoy 
our products as much as we enjoy 
making them! 

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