Handsome Dexter is Lookin' Great in His Royal Blue Terry Cloth Drying Coat!


Adorable Winifred's long ears will be snuggly warm in her Purple & Black Check Fleece Visor Snood.

Porterhouse & Murphy-
Lookin' Handsome Wrapped Up in Their Terry Cloth Drying Coats After a Therapeutic Swim!

Is Such a Handsome Guy & Looks Great in His Arctic Animals Fleece Coat!
BTW...Max, Kamille & Sheena are allhousemates.


Handsome Jasper is ready for the Winter and looking great in his Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece Coat.

This Handsome Guy is Lookin' Great, and is Stayin' Snuggy Warm in His Blue Snowflakes Fleece Coat!

Memphis Lee-

Adorable Memphis Lee couldn't look cuter, while he keeps his ears clean by wearing his Red & White Paw Prints on Black Snood!

Daisy and Riley-

Lovely Daisy and Riley's ears will be snuggly warm in their Red, Green & Black and Purple & Black Check Fleece Snoods (Their coats were not made by Howlin' Hounds)


Handsome Ace Will Have Warm Ears This Winter, While Looking Great in His Camouflage Fleece Visor Snood.

Beautiful Gabby looks great and loves wrapping up in her Terry Cloth Drying Coat after a bath.


Handsome Rudy is looking great in his Blue, Green & Black Plaid Cotton Snood!

Enjoying a Romp & Looking' Cute in His Blue Plaid Snood!

Is So Adorable, and Loves Wearing Her Warm Comfy Pink, Fleece Lined Rain Coat Coat So Much, She Smiles!


Looking Adorable in Her Red With White Mini Dots Cotton Snood.

Polly & Monroe-
Adorable "Brother & Sister" Looking Great, and Keeping Warm & Dry, in Their Coats Done With Water Resistant Nylon on One Side, and Soft Grey Fleece on the Other.

Lookin' Lovely in Her Pink Daisies Snood!

So Handsome, and Looking Great in His Purple Terrycloth Drying Coat!

Handsome Truman will be Cozy Warm & Looking Great all Winter Long, in His Brown with Cream Colored Paw Prints Fleece Coat.

Tallie and Agnes-

Two lovely ladies looking great, ready for fun, in their Visors.

Look Who's Wearing Our Gear


Handsome Harlan is looking spooktacular in his Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns Snood.


Adorable Beau chose Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece for his very first Snood!

Handsome Rhett Asked For a Special Blaze Orange Fleece and Water Resistant Poly Coat, to Stay Warm, Dry and Highly Visible.

Beautiful Nana Looks Adorable, and will be Cozy Warm, in Matching Ladybugs Print Fleece Coat and Snood!

This Handsome Guy is All Set for Winter, and Looking Great in His Black & White Houndstooth Fleece Coat & Matching Visor Snood.

Is Just as Sweet as She Can Be & Looks Adorable in Her Dog Talk Flannel Snood!

Winston and Charlie-
Are Both So Handsome, and Will be Warm & Dry in Their Special Request Blaze Orange and Lime Green Fleece and Water Resistant Poly Coats with Silver Reflective Piping. They're Also Lined with Thinsulate for Extra Warmth.

This Precious Little Beagle Girl, is Warm & Comfy After Her Bath, in Her Royal Blue Terry Cloth Drying Coat!

Lovely Lucy is ready for Winter, and looking great in her Navy Plaid Reversible Fleece Coat! She was kind enough to pose for two pictures, to show off each side.

How Fashionable is Sweet Tiny Sheena in Her Faux Fur Coat?


Handsome Dillon looks great, and will be nice and dry on rainy days in his Chocolate Brown Water Resistant Snood.


Looks Fabulous in his Red with Black Paw Prints Snood!

Keeping the Indoor Chills Away, and Looking Adorable, in Her Special Request Houndstooth Flannel "Housecoat," While "Brother" Willie, Looks On.


Handsome Rigby the Irish Setter, looks pawsome in his Shamrock Dots Snood.

Beautiful Blaise loves keeping her lovely Irish Setter ears and feathers clean in her Shamrock Dots and Shamrock Ombre Sparkle Snoods.


Handsome Rupert looks great in his Tie Dye Paw Prints Snood and Visor!

Looks beautiful, and is ready for the snow, in her Grey Argyle Fleece Coat!

Ginger & Yolo-

Lovely Ginger and Handsome Yolo make the cutest Elves Santa's ever had, in their Red & Green Christmas Trees Snoods.

Such a Handsome Boy & Staying Warm in Style in His Brown w/Cream Paw Prints Fleece Coat.

Reagan & Her Lab Friend-
Look Adorable in their Houndstooth & Leopard Print Fleece Coats.  Regan was actually sharing her Leopard Coat with her Buddy.  :)

Handsome Bradford is Keeping His Long Ears Warm in the Cold & Snow, While Looking Great, in His Navy Plaid Fleece Visor Snood.


Beautiful Rosie looks sweet as can be, in her Rainbow Tie Dye Paw Prints Snood!

Lookin' Great in Her Heart, Paws & Bones Visor Snood, While Enjoying a Romp in the Snow!

So Handsome in His Fire Hydrants Visor Snood!

Miss Daisy-
Such a Sweetheart, and Looking Great in Her Pups in Scarves Fleece Coat!

Happy Customers

Lovely Mabel is relaxed and looking quite fashionable in her Purple Pinwheels Collar.


Handsome Otis loves his Camo Fleece Visor Snood! We think he looks great in it too.

Bella, Maggie and Miss Twiggy-
Are All beautiful, No Matter Which of Their Howlin' Hounds Items They're Wearing.

Handsome Rollo is cozy warm and looking adorable in his Blue Long Eared Pups Flannel Snood.

Ella Mae, Ellwood and Harry-

Lovely Ella Mae is all Ready for Winter, in Her Black & White Houndstooth Coat with Flower Collar Embellishment and Magenta Trapper Hat. Handsome Furbrother, Ellwood looks Dashing in His Grey, Black & White Houndstooth Coat with Black Water Resistant Nylon Visor Snood. Her Other Handsome Furbrother, Harry, Looks Great in HIs Black Trapper Hat.

Is Looking Handsome & Ready to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in His Shamrock Sparkle Snood!


Lovely Lily looks great while she stays warm,  in her Blue Plaid Fleece Coat.

Tracker, the Bloodhound and Chloe & Watson the Bassets-
The whole family is looking fabulous in their Howlin' Hounds Snoods!

Lovely Lilly will be warm and looking great in the cold, in her Magenta Faux Suede Trapper Hat.


Looks great while keeping her ears warm in her Brown Dog Bones & Paw Prints Fleece Visor Snood

​NOTE: Coat not made by Howlin' Hounds.

Handsome Maxwell looks great, and is ready to brave the cold, in his Navy Plaid Fleece Coat.

Looks Beautiful in Portrait Pups Snood, and Isn't Afraid to Say So Herself!  :)

Lovely Lyric is Ready to Celebrate, and Looks Adorable in Her Fun St. Patrick's Day Snood!

Gus & Molly-
Are Snuggy Warm & Cute as Can Be in Their Dog Bones Fleece Coats!

Champ & Millie-
Gorgeous English Springer Spaniels, Are Looking Great in Their Animal Print Snoods!

Looks So Pretty in Her Floral Fleece Coat!

Almondine and Yoshi-

"Sisters" who look beautiful, no matter which of their Howlin' Hounds items they're wearing!

is Looking Just Barooo-tiful in Her Wine Batik Sequin Velvet Snood!

Chloe & Nelson-
Beautiful Chloe and Handsome Nelson are looking fierce in their Jolly Rogers Pirate Skulls Snood and Dancing Skeletons Snood.

Handsome Vinnie looks great, and will be keepin' his long ears clean in his Paw Prints, Hearts & Bones Snood and warm in his Red with Solid & Swirled Paw Prints Fleece Snood.

Looks Fantastic in His Red Plaid Snood!


Lovely Bayleigh looks great whether she's going casual in her Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece Visor Snood or dressing things up in her Magenta Sequin Visor.

Beautiful Precious Looks Adorable All Dressed for Howl-O-Ween in her Candy Corn Bandana!

Patton and Mattis-

Handsome Generals keeping warm and looking dapper on a snowy walk.

Handsome Charlie is ready for cold weather, and lookin' great, in his Red Faux Suede Trapper Hat.

Daisy & Bo-
Beautiful Field Spaniels Who Always Look Great in Their Howlin' Hounds Snoods!


Lovely Cindy looks beautiful in her Blue Plaid Fleece Coat and is all ready for a cozy stroll with her Furbrother Max. Note: Max's Coat is Not made by Howlin' Hounds

Handsome Baxter is Bundled up Warm and Looking Fine, in His Bright Multicolor Paw Prints Fleece Coat and Snood.


Adorable Reba is ready to go and stay warm in her Colorful Pups Fleece Coat.

Kaitlynn Skye & Kylee Dawn-
Looking Cute as Can be, and Totally Relaxed, No Matter Which Holiday Visor They're Wearing.

*Patriotic Bandanas Were Not Made by Howlin' Hounds

Handsome Bentley Looks Fabulous Whether He'sWearing His Hearts, Paws & Bones Visor Snood or His Dog Bone Camo Regular Snood.
Please Visit Bentley & His Westie Buddy Pierre, at Their Blog, Barking from the Bayou, Where You'll Find Their Mom's Book Series 'The Returns', and Lots More Dog Tips, Product Reviews and Fun! 


Handsome Meatloaf looks great and his long ears will be cozy warm all Winter, in his Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece Snood.

What a Handsome Guy, Whether He's Wearing His Royal Blue & Dog Bones Fleece Coat or His Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Coat!


Beautiful Bella looks gorgeous in either her Sunflowers or Daisies Collar with matching Flower Embellishment.

Here's lovely Sadie, looking quite fashionable and cozy warm, in her Pink, Black & White Chevron Design Coat. She chose Black, Grey & White Houndstooth Check for the Reverse side. She looks equally lovely in her Asian Flowers Fleece Coat.

Beautiful Rosie looks great, whether she's wearing her "Let's Party" Visor, Dog Bone Camo Visor Snood, or her Pink Leopard Print Snood!

Looks Beautiful with Her Red Mini Dots Collar Flower Embellishment.

Adorable Little Parker Looks Great, and will Stay Toasty Warm & Dry, in His Reversible Red & Navy Blue Raincoat with Batting inside.

Lookin' Handsome in His Happy Hounds Snood. That's His "Brother", Beacon That's Snoodless.  ;)

Emma and Gracie-
Beautiful Emma & Gracie are looking warm and comfy in their Faux Sweater Knit Fleece Snoods, whether they're snuggled together or alone.


re smuggled together  

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