Howlin' Hounds

​Custom Handmade Fleece Coats, Rain Coats and Terry Cloth Drying Coats

Lavender- OUT OF STOCK
Beautiful Shade of Light Purple.

​​​​​Red Black & White Plaid Fleece- 
Beautiful Plaid Design, That's Always in Style.

Our Soft, Absorbent 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Drying Coats Are Perfect for After a Bath!
They'll Help Absorb Excess Wetness, Help Protect Furniture and
Help Keep Your Best Friend Cleaner a Little Longer, When They
Take That After Bath Roll Outside.  

Sizes & Prices For Drying Coats

XS- Up to 11" Long - $21.00

XS/Long- 12"-14" Long - $24.00

Small- 15"-16" Long - $27.00

Small/Long- 17"-18" Long - $30.00

Medium- 19"-21" Long - $33.00

Medium/Long- 22"-24" Long - $36.00

Large- 25"-27" Long - $39.00

Large/Long- 28"-30" Long - $42.00 


Navy Green and Black Plaid Fleece-
Beautiful Classic Design in Navy, Green and Black.

Turquoise Teal & Black Plaid Fleece- 
Turquoise, Teal & Black Design that Never Goes Out of Style. 

Camel Black White Diagonal Plaid Fleece- 

Beautiful Large Scale Diagonal Plaid in Shades of Camel Tan, Black and White.


Royal Blue

Charcoal Grey & Black Plaid Fleece- 
Great Looking Plaid Print in Charcoal Grey and Black That Never Goes Out of Style.



Pink Blush- OUT OF STOCK
Beautiful Shade of Baby Pink.

Zombie Outbreak Fleece-
Large Block Print, Featuring Black Zombie
Silhouettes, Zombie Outbreak Warning Signs and Biohazard Symbols, on a Yellow Background.

Colorful Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Shades of Pink, Green, Black & White.

Beautiful Deep Shade of Teal.

Navy Green and Red Plaid Fleece-

Beautiful Large Plaid Design, in Green, Red and Blue on a Navy Background.

Pink Grey and White Plaid Fleece-

Lovely Timeless Design in Pink, Medium Grey and White.

Beautiful Shade of Light Green.

Woof Fleece-

Large Print Featuring Bright Pink Paw Prints and the Word "Woof" in White on a Turquoise Background.

Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece- 

Timeless Check Design in Beautiful Red and Black..

Why Not Add A Matching Visor Or Snood To Complete The Look?

Woodland Camo Fleece-
Classic Green, Brown & Black Camouflage Pattern.

Leopard Print Fleece- 
High Fashion Look in Tan, Brown & Black.


Paw Prints and Bones on Brown Fleece-Doggie Bones and Paw Prints, Red, White Turquoise and Tan, on a Brown Background

Black Grey & White Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Classic Black and White.

Our Rain Coats Are Made In The Same Great Style As Our Fleece Coats. 
They're Reversible Too! 

We Make Them From Water Resistant Nylon, Keeping Your Pet "Bone" Dry. 

Pricing & Sizing Is The Same As Our Fleece Coats. 

** We Can Add A Layer Of Polyfil Batting 
Inside For Warmth If You Like. 

**Add $8.00 Per Coat With Batting.** 

Fabric Choices Are Below. 
Choose Your Two Favorite Fabrics.

Grey I Woof You Fleece- 
Grey Black and White Long Eared Pups, Red Paw Prints and the Words "I Woof You" scattered on a Light Grey Background.

Grey Black & White Houndstooth Fleece-

Classic Houndstooth Look , in a Windowpane Design That Never Goes Out of Style, in Grey Black and White. 

Classic Shade of Dark Rich Navy Blue.

Pink & Coral Large Geometric Print Fleece-
Fun Fashionable Large Chevron Geometric Print, in Pinks, Corals & Burgundy.

Red Puppies & Dishes Fleece-
Adorable Tan Puppies with Green Food Dishes & Dog Bones & Paw Prints, on a Bright Red Background.

Hunter Green

True Red- 
Beautiful Bright Shade of Red.

Bright Paw Prints on Black Fleece- LIMITED STOCK
Colorful Paw Prints, in Red, Blue,Green & Yellow on a Black Background.



Chocolate Brown-
Deep Rich Shade of Brown.

Grey Paw Prints & Dots Fleece-
Medium Grey Background, Accented with Large Light Grey Dots and Paw Prints in Bright Pink, Light Blue, White & Peach

Happy Blue-
Beautiful Shade of Sky Blue.

Blue Faux Sweater Knit Stripe Fleece-

It Looks Like a Sweater, but it's Not! Stripes in Medium Blue, Navy, Purple and Turquoise, in Varying Widths, Give a Fashionable Handknit Sweater Look to This Cozy Design..

Custom Made Dog Snoods, Apparel and Accessories

Our Fleece Coats are Reversible.

We Make them With Two Layers Of Polar Fleece, with a Fashionable Collar, For That Extra Touch.

It's Like Getting TWO Coats In One! 

Our Coats Are Easy On - Easy Off. 
They Have A Hook & Loop Tape Closing At The Chest and a Wide Hook & Loop Belt At The Tummy For A Comfy & 
Secure Fit. 

They're Easy Care Too! Just Throw Them In The Washer and Tumble Dry. 

For Your Dog's Customized Look:

Choose One Print From Our Selections Below and We'll Make the Reverse Side in a Coordinating Solid Color.


Choose Two Different Prints From Our Selections.

(based on length from base of neck to base of tail) 

We will Custom Fit Your Dog's Coat. Please Provide Us With the Following Measurements: 

1. Length from Base of Neck to Base of Tail 
2. Chest Girth - Measure around your Dog just behind the Front Legs. 
3. Neck/ Collar Size

XS - Up To 11"..................$24.00 

XS/LONG - 12"-14"...........$27.00 

Small - 15"-16".................$30.00 

Small/LONG - 17"-18"......$33.00 

Med - 19"-21"....................$36.00 

Med/LONG - 22"-24".........$39.00 

Large - 25"-27"..................$42.00 

Large/LONG - 28"-30"......$45.00