Small - 2 1/4 inches in Diameter........$5.00

Medium - 2 3/4 inches in Diameter....$7.00

Large - 3 1/2 inches in Diameter........$9.00

*Collar Sold Separately*

Choose Your Dog's Favorite Cotton Design From Our Fabric Choices Page. We will add a core of super strong Nylon Web and Heavy Duty Hardware. Collars are available in 5/8" and 1 Inch widths.

*PLEASE NOTE: The fabrics pictured here, on this page, are shown as examples only, and may not be available at this time.

Burgundy Jacquard Ribbon-
Stunning Design with Woven Gold Scrollwork and Dots on Burgundy, with Black Edges, on Burgundy Nylon Web.

5/8" Wide.


Zombie Hunter-
Black Grosgrain Ribbon, with the words "Zombie Hunter" in Red & Green, with White Zombie Fangs in between. Ribbon is securely sewn to Red Nylon Webbing. 1" Wide.

1" Wide

Medium - Fits 12"-18" Neck.....$21.50

Large - Fits 15"-24" Neck.........$23.50

XL - Fits 18"-28" Neck..............$25.50

Dog Collars & Embellishments


5/8" Wide                        
XS - Fits 8"-12" Neck..............$15.50

Small - Fits 11"-15" Neck........$17.50

Medium - Fits 12"-18" Neck....$19.50

Large - Fits 15"-24" Neck.......$21.50

Walk Like A Zombie-
Bright Green Grosgrain Ribbon with the words "Walk Like A Zombie" in Black, surrounded by black walking undead figures, with outstretched arms. The Ribbon is securely sewn to Black Nylon Webbing. 5/8" Wide.

Our Handcrafted Adjustable Dog Collars are Made to Order, just for your Special Four Legged Friend.

Choose From Our Selection of Nylon Web Accented with Jacquard or Grosgrain Ribbon or Choose a Collar Covered with one of the Cotton Prints from our Fabric Choices page.

We use Heavy Duty Comfort Contoured Side Release Buckles & Triglides (for adjusting length) and Welded Nickel Plated Steel D-Rings.  All Collars are carefully triple box stitched for strength and durability.

Howlin' Hounds

I Rescued My Human-
Grosgrain Ribbon with the words "I Rescued My Human," in Pink, Surrounded by Two White Paw Prints Outlined in Black, on a Burgundy Background, Securely Sewn on Burgundy Nylon Web. Available in 5/8" or 1" Wide.

Custom Made Dog Snoods, Apparel and Accessories

The Collars Shown Below, All Feature Either Grosgrain or Jacquard Ribbon Securely Stitched to Super Strong Nylon Web.





Southwest Abstract-
Beautiful Southwest Inspired Abstract Print Jacquard Ribbon on Teal Super Strong Nylon Web. The Gorgeous Colors in this Collar include Shades of Teal, Turquoise, Green, Coral, Yellow and White. 5/8" Wide.

Make Your Dog's Custom Collar truly special, by including one of our Handmade Flower Embellishments, or add one to your Dog's existing Collar.
They're done with two layers of Fabric Yo Yo's, accented with a center button. They attach securely to the collar with wrap around hook and loop tape. Make your Dog sparkle with one made from our Sequin fabrics, or choose from our cottons for a touch of everyday style.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Fabrics shown here are examples only, and may not necessarily be available at this time. Please make your fabric selection for your Dog's Collar Flower from our Fabric Choices page.

1" Wide

Medium - Fits 12"-18"  Neck - $21.50

Large - Fits 15"-24" Neck - $23.50

XL - Fits 18"-28" Neck - $25.50

5/8" Wide

XS - Fits 8"-12" Neck - $15.50

Small - Fits 11"-15" Neck - $17.50

Medium - Fits 12"-18" Neck - $19.50

Large - Fits 15"-24" Neck - $21.50