Navy Green and Black Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Beautiful Classic Design in Navy, Green and Black.

Classic Shade of Dark Rich Navy Blue.

Navy Green and Red Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK!

Beautiful Large Plaid Design, in Green, Red and Blue on a Navy Background.

Easter Eggs & Dots-
Easter Eggs in Spring Colors of Pink, Yellow Green & White, on a Turquoise Background. 100% Cotton.


Adorable Brown and White Long Eared Pups are ready for fun! Pups are surrounded by White Dog Bones, Blue Paw Prints and the words Bark! and Arf on a Light Blue Background.100% Cotton.


Spooky Spider Webs- OUT OF STOCK
Spooky White Spiders on Orange Webs Against

a Black Background.100% Cotton.

Holiday Penguins-
Happy Little Black and White Penguins, Wearing Red Ear Muffs and Striped Scarves on a Green Background with Yellow Dots. 100% Cotton.

​Desert Rose- 
Beautiful Shade of Bright Pink.

Chocolate Brown-
Deep Rich Shade of Brown.

"I Woof You" -
Long Eared White, Brown & Black Pups, With

Pink Heart Shaped Paw Prints, and the Words

"I Woof You" in White Letters. 100% Cotton.

Navy and Teal Paw Prints and Bones-
Adorable Small Teal and White Check Paw Prints, Accented with White Doggy Bones and Tiny Medium Blue Hearts, on a Navy Background. 100% Cotton.

Red Daisies and Dots- OUT OF STOCK
Adorable White and Yellow Mini Daisies and Tiny White Dots on a Red Background. 100% Cotton. 

Pink & Black Plaid Fleece-
Beautiful Large Plaid in Light Pink, Black, White and Just a Little Bit of Bright Pink.

Woodland Camo Fleece-
Classic Green, Brown & Black Camouflage Pattern.

Colorful Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Shades of Pink, Green, Black & White.


Army Green Camouflage
Midweight Twill in Traditional Woodland Camo Print, Olive Drab, Light Green, Brown and Black. 100% Cotton.

Tie Dye Paw Prints-
Brightly Colored Tie Dye Background, in Shades of Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Yellow & Pink, Scattered with Black Paw Prints. 100% Cotton.

Tie Dye Paws and Bones-

Groovy Spiral Tie Dye Design, in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red, Accented with White Paw Prints and Doggie Bones.
100% Cotton.

HO! HO! HO!-

Simple and Straight to the Point of Howliday Cheer. The Words Ho! Ho! Ho! in White, Against a Green Background say it all. 100% Cotton.

Charcoal Grey & Black Plaid Fleece- 
Great Looking Plaid Print in Charcoal Grey and Black That Never Goes Out of Style.

Black Grey & White Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Classic Black and White.


Deep Royal Purple Confetti Dot Sequins on a matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Royal Blue Diagonal Plaid Fleece-
Beautiful Eye Catching Large Diagonal Plaid, in Royal Blue, Black, Grey and White.

Bunnies & Easter Eggs Sparkle- OUT OF STOCK

White Bunnies, Peeking Out Behind Patterned Eggs, in Pastel Colors, Dusted with a Bit of IridescentGlitter.100% Cotton.

From Cotton to Sequins, and Everything in Between -
These Are The Fabrics From Which You May Choose, For Us to Create Your Dog's Custom Apparel and Accessories.

**Please Note: We do NOT Sell Our Fabrics by The Yard.**

Royal Blue- 
Rich Royal Blue Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

Howlin' Hounds

Custom Made Dog Snoods and Accessories

Stunning Shade of Blue Green Sequins on a Stretch Knit
Fabric of Black & Blue Green.

Holiday Sparkle Pups on Red- OUT OF STOCK

All Kinds of Adorable Pups Wearing Their Howliday Attire.100% Cotton.

Red With Black Paw Prints- OUT OF STOCK

Mini Black Paw Prints Scattered on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Beautiful Turquoise colored Confetti Dot Sequins on a 
matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Pink and White Mini Floral-
Adorable Print Featuring Mini Light Pink and White Flowers, with Green Leaves, on a Medium Pink Background 100% Cotton.


Four Leaf Clovers on Black With Green Glitter
Allover Print Featuring Four Leaf Clovers in Varying Shades of Green, with Vines in Between, on a Black Background, Dusted

With Green Glitter. 100% Cotton.



Chalkboard Hearts- 

Red, Grey and White Hearts, that Look Like They Were Drawn with Chalk, against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.


Beautiful Shade of Dusty Blue

Shamrocks and Dots-
Shamrocks, in Various Shades of Green, Accented with Dots and Smaller Shamrocks, inside Large Dots, on a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Woof Fleece-
Large Print Featuring Bright Pink Paw Prints and the Word "Woof" in White on a Turquoise Background.

Mini Christmas Lights- OUT OF STOCK
Miniature Red, Green & White Christmas Lights on Green Wires on a Black Background 100% Cotton.

White Bunnies on Choice of Green Or Turquoise Sparkle-

Sweet White Easter Bunnies, Chasing a Bumble Bee, Against a Bright Green or Turquoise Background. Dusted with a Bit of Iridescent Glitter for Added Fun. 100% Cotton.

Grey Black & White Houndstooth Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Classic Houndstooth Look , in a Windowpane Design That Never Goes Out of Style, in Grey Black and White. 

Olive Green- OUT OF ASTOCK
Beautiful Shade of Olive Green

Floral Paw Prints on Black and Grey Check- 
Large Paw Prints in a beautiful Floral Design, in Blue, Pink, Coral and Lavender, on a Black and Grey Diagonal Check Background.100% Cotton.


Beautiful Shade of Light Purple.

Grey Paw Prints & Dots Fleece-
Medium Grey Background, Accented with Large Light Grey Dots and Paw Prints in Bright Pink, Light Blue, White & Peach

Fabric Choices

Leopard Print Fleece- 
High Fashion Look in Tan, Brown & Black.


Zombie Outbreak Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Large Block Print, Featuring Black Zombie Silhouettes, Zombie Outbreak Warning Signs and Biohazard Symbols, on a Yellow Background.

Watermelons and Dots

Fun Watermelon Slices, in Bright Pink and Green, with Black Seeds, on a Black and White Dotted Background. 100% Cotton.

Red Patterned Hearts Sparkle-
Pink, Red & White Hearts, with Pink and White Scrolls and Dots, on a Red Background, Sprinkled with Red Glitter.
100% Cotton.

Gorgeous Bright Green Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

Camel Black and White Diagonal Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK

Beautiful Large Scale Diagonal Plaid in Shades of Camel Tan, Black and White.

Pink Mermaid Sparkle- 

Small Overlapping Shapes, Resembling a Mermaid's Tail Scales, in Various Shades of Pink, Turquoise and Purple. Accented with Just a Touch of Glitter.100% Cotton.

 Autumn Leaves and Acorns- 
Autumn Leaves and Acorns in Beautiful Fall Shades of Orange and Brown. 1
00% Cotton.

Beautiful Gold Sequins on a Matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Red Puppies & Dishes Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Adorable Tan Puppies with Green Food Dishes & Dog
Bones & Paw Prints, on a Bright Red Background.

Grey Red White Diagonall Plaid Fleece- 
Lovely Timeless Design in Medium & LIght Grey, Red and White

Rich Red Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

Christmas Puppies- OUT OF STOCK
Adorable Puppies, all Wearing their Holiday Headgear, on a Light Blue Background, Accented with Silver Glitter. 100% Cotton.

Red Hot Flames-
Black Background with Super Hot Flames in Red, Orange & Yellow.  100% Cotton.

Dog Costume Party-

A Variety of Dogs, All Dressed Up in Their Colorful Halloween Costumes, Against a Bright Orange Background, with Paw Prints 100% Cotton.

Christmas Paw Prints- OUT OF STOCK

Black Paw Prints and White Snowflakes, Scattered on a Bright Red Background. 100% Cotton

Santa Dogs- 

Black Dog Silhouettes, Wearing Red and White Santa Hats, Against a Beige Background, Accented With White Snowflakes and Dots. 100% Cotton.

Teal and Orange Diagonal Plaid Fleece-

Beautiful Plaid in Teal and Orange

Black and White Diamonds- 

Diamond shapes, comprised of White Dots in various sizes, on a Black background.100% Cotton

Candy Corn-
The Fun Traditional Treat of Halloween, in Shades of Orange & White, on a Black Background, With Tiny Brightly Colored Dots in Orange, Green & Purple Scattered in Between. 100% Cotton.

St. Patrick's Plaid- 
Wonderful Small Scale Diagonal Plaid, in Various Shades of Green, with Black and Yellow. 100% Cotton.

Watercolor Shamrocks-

Bright Green Shaded Shamrocks, That Look Like They've Been Painted in Watercolors Against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Pawprints, Hearts & Bones-
Sweet Print Featuring Small Brown Pawprints, Red Hearts and Tan Bones on a Creamy Beige Background. 100% Cotton.


Red Black & White Bandana Print-
Classic Paisley & Squares Bandana Print, That's Always in Style.100% Cotton.

Red Patriotic Pups Sparkle
Fun Print Featuring Blue and White Long Eared Pups, Wearing Their Best Patriotic Accessories, Accented with American Flags and Silver Glittery Stars, on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Pink & White Irregular Dots-
Bright Pink Background, Scattered with lots of fun White Irregularly Shaped Dots.. 100% Cotton.

Jolly Roger Pirate Skulls-
White Pirate Skulls & Crossbones, Wearing Red
Bandanas & Black Hats, on a Black Background.
100% Cotton.

American Flags & British Union Jacks- 

Allover Red, White & Blue Block Style Print, Featuring American Flags and British Union Jacks. Great Way to Celebrate Our Two Countries' Friendship. Cotton/Poly Blend

Paw Prints and Bones on Brown Fleece-Doggie Bones and Paw Prints, Red, White Turquoise and Tan, on a Brown Background.

Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece- 
Timeless Check Design in Beautiful Red and Black..

Red Black & White Diagonal Plaid Fleece
Beautiful Plaid Design, That's Always in Style.


Patriotic Red White & Blue Stars- 
A Fun Way to Show Our Country's Colors! Red, White and Light Blue Stars are Scattered Over a Navy Blue Background, with Trails of Tiny White Stars Winding Their Way, in Between. 100% Cotton.

Waving Flags
Beautiful Patriotic Print, Featuring Waving American Flags Against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.


Sparkle Ladybugs on Bright Yellow- 
Lucky Red and Black Ladybugs, Outlined with Silver Glitter, accented with White and Pink Flowers, on a Bright Yellow Background. 100% Cotton.

Beautiful Fuchsia Colored Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

True Red- 
Beautiful Bright Shade of Red.


Red Mini Floral-

Sweet Delicate Print Featuring Mini Flowers in Turquoise and Light Pink, With Black and White Leaves in Between, on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Navy Teal Black & Yellow Plaid- OUT OF STOCK
Lightweight Classic Small Scale Plaid, in Navy, Teal, Black 

and Yellow. A Look That Never Goes Out of Style.

100% Cotton.

Grey I Woof You Fleece- 

Grey, Black and White Long Eared Pups, Red Paw Prints and the Words "I Woof You" Scattered on a Light Grey Background.

Black Paw Prints and Bones- 
Small Paw Prints and Doggie Bones in Shades of Grey and White, Against a Black Background.100% Cotton.

Gingerbread Men Sparkle-
Gingerbread Men, in Shades of Light and Dark Brown, Decorated in Red and Green, and Sprinkled with a Coating of Holiday Glitter. 100% Cotton.

Port Royal-
Beautiful Deep Shade of Burgundy.

Black With White Polka Dots-

Small White Dots on a Black Background is Always a "Pawfect" Look. 100% Cotton.

Navy Paw Prints and Hearts Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Colorful Paw Prints and Hearts, in Red, Pink, Bright Green & Turquoise on a Navy Blue Background..