Red Black & White Bandana Print-
Classic Paisley & Squares Bandana Print, That's Always in Style.100% Cotton.

Red Patriotic Pups Sparkle
Fun Print Featuring Blue and White Long Eared Pups, Wearing Their Best Patriotic Accessories, Accented with American Flags and Silver Glittery Stars, on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Waving Flags
Beautiful Patriotic Print, Featuring Waving American Flags Against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Fabric Choices


Easter Eggs & Dots-
Easter Eggs in Spring Colors of Pink, Yellow Green & White, on a Turquoise Background. 100% Cotton.

Dog Bark!-.

Adorable Brown and White Long Eared Pups are ready for fun! Pups are surrounded by White Dog Bones, Blue Paw Prints and the words Bark! and Arf on a Light Blue Background.100% Cotton.

Holiday Penguins-
Happy Little Black and White Penguins, Wearing Red Ear Muffs and Striped Scarves on a Green Background with Yellow Dots. 100% Cotton.

Red Daisies and Dots-
Adorable White and Yellow Mini Daisies and Tiny White Dots on a Red Background. 100% Cotton. 

From Cotton to Sequins, and Everything in Between -
These Are The Fabrics From Which You May Choose, For Us to Create Your Dog's Custom Apparel and Accessories.

**Please Note: We do NOT Sell Our Fabrics by The Yard.**

Jolly Roger Pirate Skulls-
White Pirate Skulls & Crossbones, Wearing Red
Bandanas & Black Hats, on a Black Background.
100% Cotton.

Navy Teal Black & Yellow Plaid-
Lightweight Classic Small Scale Plaid, in Navy, Teal, Black 

and Yellow. A Look That Never Goes Out of Style.

100% Cotton.

Rich Red Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.


Santa Dogs- 

Black Dog Silhouettes, Wearing Red and White Santa Hats, Against a Beige Background, Accented With White Snowflakes and Dots. 100% Cotton.

Olive Green- OUT OF ASTOCK
Beautiful Shade of Olive Green

Shamrocks and Dots-
Shamrocks, in Various Shades of Green, Accented with Dots and Smaller Shamrocks, inside Large Dots, on a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Navy Paw Prints and Hearts Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Colorful Paw Prints and Hearts, in Red, Pink, Bright Green & Turquoise on a Navy Blue Background..

Royal Blue- 
Rich Royal Blue Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

Chocolate Brown-
Deep Rich Shade of Brown.

"I Woof You" -
Long Eared White, Brown & Black Pups, With

Pink Heart Shaped Paw Prints, and the Words

"I Woof You" in White Letters. 100% Cotton.

Chalkboard Hearts- 

Red, Grey and White Hearts, that Look Like They Were Drawn with Chalk, against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Bunnies & Easter Eggs Sparkle- OUT OF STOCK

White Bunnies, Peeking Out Behind Patterned Eggs, in Pastel Colors, Dusted with a Bit of IridescentGlitter.100% Cotton.

Colorful Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Shades of Pink, Green, Black & White.

St. Patrick's Plaid- 
Wonderful Small Scale Diagonal Plaid, in Various Shades of Green, with Black and Yellow. 100% Cotton.

Red Patterned Hearts Sparkle-
Pink, Red & White Hearts, with Pink and White Scrolls and Dots, on a Red Background, Sprinkled with Red Glitter.
100% Cotton.

Christmas Paw Prints- OUT OF STOCK

Black Paw Prints and White Snowflakes, Scattered on a Bright Red Background. 100% Cotton

Grey Red White Diagonall Plaid Fleece- 
Lovely Timeless Design in Medium & LIght Grey, Red and White

Red With Black Paw Prints- OUT OF STOCK

Mini Black Paw Prints Scattered on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Army Green Camouflage
Midweight Twill in Traditional Woodland Camo Print, Olive Drab, Light Green, Brown and Black. 100% Cotton.

Sparkle Ladybugs on Bright Yellow- 
Lucky Red and Black Ladybugs, Outlined with Silver Glitter, accented with White and Pink Flowers, on a Bright Yellow Background. 100% Cotton.

True Red- 
Beautiful Bright Shade of Red.

 Autumn Leaves and Acorns- 
Autumn Leaves and Acorns in Beautiful Fall Shades of Orange and Brown. 1
00% Cotton.

Beautiful Gold Sequins on a Matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Pawprints, Hearts & Bones-
Sweet Print Featuring Small Brown Pawprints, Red Hearts and Tan Bones on a Creamy Beige Background. 100% Cotton.

Watermelons and Dots

Fun Watermelon Slices, in Bright Pink and Green, with Black Seeds, on a Black and White Dotted Background. 100% Cotton.

Paw Prints and Bones on Brown Fleece-Doggie Bones and Paw Prints, Red, White Turquoise and Tan, on a Brown Background.

Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Fleece- 
Timeless Check Design in Beautiful Red and Black..

Pink & White Irregular Dots-
Bright Pink Background, Scattered with lots of fun White Irregularly Shaped Dots.. 100% Cotton.

Candy Corn-
The Fun Traditional Treat of Halloween, in Shades of Orange & White, on a Black Background, With Tiny Brightly Colored Dots in Orange, Green & Purple Scattered in Between. 100% Cotton.

HO! HO! HO!-

Simple and Straight to the Point of Howliday Cheer. The Words Ho! Ho! Ho! in White, Against a Green Background say it all. 100% Cotton.

Charcoal Grey & Black Plaid Fleece- 
Great Looking Plaid Print in Charcoal Grey and Black That Never Goes Out of Style.

Four Leaf Clovers on Black With Green Glitter
Allover Print Featuring Four Leaf Clovers in Varying Shades of Green, with Vines in Between, on a Black Background, Dusted

With Green Glitter. 100% Cotton.

Pink Mermaid Sparkle- 

Small Overlapping Shapes, Resembling a Mermaid's Tail Scales, in Various Shades of Pink, Turquoise and Purple. Accented with Just a Touch of Glitter.100% Cotton.

Red Black & White Diagonal Plaid Fleece
Beautiful Plaid Design, That's Always in Style.

​Desert Rose- 
Beautiful Shade of Bright Pink.

Black Grey & White Chevron Fleece-
Fashionable Zig Zag Design in Classic Black and White.

Watercolor Shamrocks-

Bright Green Shaded Shamrocks, That Look Like They've Been Painted in Watercolors Against a Black Background. 100% Cotton.

Patriotic Red White & Blue Stars- 
A Fun Way to Show Our Country's Colors! Red, White and Light Blue Stars are Scattered Over a Navy Blue Background, with Trails of Tiny White Stars Winding Their Way, in Between. 100% Cotton.

Teal and Orange Diagonal Plaid Fleece-

Beautiful Plaid in Teal and Orange

Red Hot Flames-
Black Background with Super Hot Flames in Red, Orange & Yellow.  100% Cotton.

Dog Costume Party-

A Variety of Dogs, All Dressed Up in Their Colorful Halloween Costumes, Against a Bright Orange Background, with Paw Prints 100% Cotton.


Beautiful Shade of Light Purple.

Grey Paw Prints & Dots Fleece-
Medium Grey Background, Accented with Large Light Grey Dots and Paw Prints in Bright Pink, Light Blue, White & Peach

Red Mini Floral-

Sweet Delicate Print Featuring Mini Flowers in Turquoise and Light Pink, With Black and White Leaves in Between, on a Red Background. 100% Cotton.

Leopard Print Fleece- 
High Fashion Look in Tan, Brown & Black.

Black Paw Prints and Bones- 
Small Paw Prints and Doggie Bones in Shades of Grey and White, Against a Black Background.100% Cotton.

Red Puppies & Dishes Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Adorable Tan Puppies with Green Food Dishes & Dog
Bones & Paw Prints, on a Bright Red Background.

Pink and White Mini Floral-
Adorable Print Featuring Mini Light Pink and White Flowers, with Green Leaves, on a Medium Pink Background 100% Cotton.



Holiday Sparkle Pups on Red- OUT OF STOCK

All Kinds of Adorable Pups Wearing Their Howliday Attire.100% Cotton.

White Bunnies on Choice of Green Or Turquoise Sparkle-

Sweet White Easter Bunnies, Chasing a Bumble Bee, Against a Bright Green or Turquoise Background. Dusted with a Bit of Iridescent Glitter for Added Fun. 100% Cotton.

Navy and Teal Paw Prints and Bones-
Adorable Small Teal and White Check Paw Prints, Accented with White Doggy Bones and Tiny Medium Blue Hearts, on a Navy Background. 100% Cotton.

Grey Black & White Houndstooth Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Classic Houndstooth Look , in a Windowpane Design That Never Goes Out of Style, in Grey Black and White. 


Beautiful Shade of Dusty Blue

Gingerbread Men Sparkle-
Gingerbread Men, in Shades of Light and Dark Brown, Decorated in Red and Green, and Sprinkled with a Coating of Holiday Glitter. 100% Cotton.

Floral Paw Prints on Black and Grey Check- 
Large Paw Prints in a beautiful Floral Design, in Blue, Pink, Coral and Lavender, on a Black and Grey Diagonal Check Background.100% Cotton.

Grey I Woof You Fleece- 

Grey, Black and White Long Eared Pups, Red Paw Prints and the Words "I Woof You" Scattered on a Light Grey Background.

Camel Black and White Diagonal Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK

Beautiful Large Scale Diagonal Plaid in Shades of Camel Tan, Black and White.

Beautiful Fuchsia Colored Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.


Pink & Black Plaid Fleece-
Beautiful Large Plaid in Light Pink, Black, White and Just a Little Bit of Bright Pink.

Navy Green and Black Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Beautiful Classic Design in Navy, Green and Black.

Beautiful Turquoise colored Confetti Dot Sequins on a 
matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Black and White Diamonds- 

Diamond shapes, comprised of White Dots in various sizes, on a Black background.100% Cotton



Stunning Shade of Blue Green Sequins on a Stretch Knit
Fabric of Black & Blue Green.

Black With White Polka Dots-

Small White Dots on a Black Background is Always a "Pawfect" Look. 100% Cotton.

Mini Christmas Lights- OUT OF STOCK
Miniature Red, Green & White Christmas Lights on Green Wires on a Black Background 100% Cotton.

Navy Green and Red Plaid Fleece- OUT OF STOCK!

Beautiful Large Plaid Design, in Green, Red and Blue on a Navy Background.

Woodland Camo Fleece-
Classic Green, Brown & Black Camouflage Pattern.

Tie Dye Paws and Bones-

Groovy Spiral Tie Dye Design, in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red, Accented with White Paw Prints and Doggie Bones.
100% Cotton.

Spooky Spider Webs- OUT OF STOCK
Spooky White Spiders on Orange Webs Against

a Black Background.100% Cotton.

Deep Royal Purple Confetti Dot Sequins on a matching Stretch Knit Fabric.

Gorgeous Bright Green Sequins on a Coordinating Stretch Knit Fabric.

American Flags & British Union Jacks- 

Allover Red, White & Blue Block Style Print, Featuring American Flags and British Union Jacks. Great Way to Celebrate Our Two Countries' Friendship. Cotton/Poly Blend

Woof Fleece-
Large Print Featuring Bright Pink Paw Prints and the Word "Woof" in White on a Turquoise Background.

Classic Shade of Dark Rich Navy Blue.

Tie Dye Paw Prints-
Brightly Colored Tie Dye Background, in Shades of Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Yellow & Pink, Scattered with Black Paw Prints. 100% Cotton.



Christmas Puppies-
Adorable Puppies, all Wearing their Holiday Headgear, on a Light Blue Background, Accented with Silver Glitter. 100% Cotton.

Custom Made Dog Snoods, Apparel and Accessories

Zombie Outbreak Fleece- OUT OF STOCK
Large Block Print, Featuring Black Zombie Silhouettes, Zombie Outbreak Warning Signs and Biohazard Symbols, on a Yellow Background.


Royal Blue Diagonal Plaid Fleece-
Beautiful Eye Catching Large Diagonal Plaid, in Royal Blue, Black, Grey and White.


Port Royal-
Beautiful Deep Shade of Burgundy.

Howlin' Hounds